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GP Action Project

We are gathering information about which medical providers offer gender-affirming healthcare services to trans patients—such as providing blood tests and prescribing hormone therapy—through outreach to medical practices and the trans community. This data is helping us assess the barriers preventing GPs from offering such services and develop resources to drive us toward accessible, informed consent-based trans healthcare.

A non-binary person injecting testosterone.jpg

Take our community survey

If you are someone who has sought gender-affirming healthcare, fill out our Trans Healthcare Community Survey to share information about your GP's services.

Access resources

If you are a medical provider seeking further information on gender-affirming care, check out our Trans Healthcare Resource Library.

Take our providers survey

If you are a medical provider, fill out our Trans Healthcare Providers Survey to share what gender-affirming medical services your practice offers to trans patients.

Get involved

We are looking for volunteers to collaborate with us through research, writing, and outreach. Email us at to join.

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